Silvia Castagnino, actual resident in General Pico, La Pampa. She was born
on May 1959 in Pellegrini, Buenos Aires.

She graduated from the Instituto Superior de Bellas Artes of General Pico city as a Visual Art teacher and Art professor specialized in Paiting.

Nowadays, she is working as a Professor of Image and Visual Production - Painting, in the Instituto Superior de Bellas Artes of General Pico, La Pampa, avocated on preparing Professors on this subject.

Silvia Castagnino has attended different courses and ateliers managed by Cesar Kazanietz, Patricia Cusel, Susana Raffo, Reyna Koshashaian, Eduardo Mc Entire, Jorge Vedolla , Claudia Aranovich, Matilde Marìn, Silvina Perez y Remo Bianchedi.
Some of them: Creativity, Art History, Drawing, Paiting, Critic, Scupture, Usage of the paper as expresive mean, Expression with non conventional materials, Thinking and analysis atelier, ecc.

She has been participating in expositions since 1982 in different provinces of Argentina, in Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, and also abroad:

Casa de La Pampa, Buenos Aires. Cultural Centre Malvinas,Buenos Aires. Euro America Gallery New York USA. Provincial Art Museum, La Pampa. ArteBA Internationa Fair of art of Buenos Aires. FIA Caracas, Iberoamerican Fair of Art, Caracas, Venezuela. Casa de Madera Gallery, Mar del Plata. Art Fair of the Provinces, Buenos Aires. Expotrastiendas, Buenos Aires. Lagard Art Gallery, Buenos Aires. Jadite Gallery, New York USA. Wenteche Art Hall, Valparaiso Chile y otras.



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Painting actual exhibitions:

Provincial Museum of Art. Santa Rosa La Pampa. Rep.Argentina

Latinoamerican Museum of Art (MoLAA) Los Angeles California

Private Collections in Argentina, Alemania, Mexico, Chile, Los Angeles. New York. USA

Hector Ziperovich. Los Angeles California

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