Castagnino in the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires…
(on serie Lucas 1998/99)

by Adriana Garbarino*

Several little men, names of characters in a series, disguise themselves as paintings in a more or less exact version of the worries of someone who is represented. If only figuration corresponded to the anecdote, nothing would be interesting beyond of what position, abstraction, construction, composition and mystery mention, as an insistent repetition of this little man. Silvia Castagnino ´s, artist from General Pico, La Pampa exhibit in Forma Gallery of Buenos Aires that was opened the last October 5th speaks about the symbolism of color posed in a plan metric structure.
"But it impossible to endlessly clone a character " says writer Miguel de la Cruz when he speaks about the work of this artist, because let's agree that a series about "Lucas"
is something more that an obsession. The artist faces the constant investigation of a character that acquires personality, style due to work in progress knowledge of the redundant intention. The painting is organized in big blocks of color and superimposed plans in order to constrain space. Silvia has always stamped her works with a definite yet poetic color work, in this occasion stalked by geometric shapes, they don ¨t loose the splendor of the palette and riskily and intelligently break in, filtered in the sight mix. Black and sharp backgrounds highlight what our eye has already chosen due to this neutralizing quality of the inhibited and drowned color, contained and calculated in the character's fetal retreat.

Adriana Garbarino

October 1998

*Art Teacher specialized in sculpture
Post grade in the Superior Institute of Art in Havana, Cuba.
Master in Latin American Art