Bs. As. Art
(on series Walls)

By Adriana Garbarino*

A substantive text makes a double allegory. On one hand the sign shows the hands of the artist showing her emotion before life, summarizing in image the meaning of the world, making of the inward state an event that is communicated without words. On the other hand, those hands become a metaphor of a man who, as creator of culture, builds his own prison with them. He is able of handling any structure, he feels owner of that little part and of the wall he raises as a limit of his human condition, but no power game is run by chance, the wall has been installed around him and he cannot and does not know how to escape, sometimes he is not aware of his slaving condition.
Luckily, in art, prison is not a burden and here the hands of an artist are posing to liberate him.

Adriana Garbarino


*Adriana Garbarino
Art Teacher specialized in sculpture
Post grade in the Superior Institute of Art in Havana, Cuba.
Master in Latin American Art