Painting consciousness
By Silvia Castagnino

Looking backwards I can see the image of a Wall as an existential problem of human beings, statement of confinement that beyond my painting was found in my mind.
If painting is making conscious what we think, if painting is talking / thinking in images, these, were also spinning looking for fruitless exits to somewhere.
I broke the concept Wall and I got out.
Once I thought that if the Wall is telling me about a trespassing limitation it is also indicating me a possibility.
I have perhaps found this other possibility in the different points of view with which I have tried to get around / observe the Wall.
The internal change is reflected in a re - signified image.
The struggle with matter, the draining of technical resources, repetition in an intent to find myself through image, this is my internal quest, anguishing and insistent.
Fear and desire go together in association; this is known yet we are not always too aware of it.
Actually is in the vision of the audience where one sometimes really confirms change.
Is in other's point of view where we also re- signify.

Silvia Castagnino